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MILEBAIYE—— the dark horse of the East appeared on NASDAQ screen


It is reported that MILEBAIYE, as the dark horse of the East, appeared on the "World's No. 1 Screen" NASDAQ screen on November 27, 2020, releasing the signal of MILEBAIYE to fully expand the global market and list on NASDAQ. As a new enterprise established only one year ago, MILEBAIYE ushered in rapid development and brought 20,000 job opportunities during the COVID-19 epidemic, thereby creating a number of miracles. It only took MILEBAIYE 11 months to become a listed company of HKEx, a recommended enterprise of CCTV’s brand strategy, and a recommended enterprise of 7,500 domestic media and 350 official news platforms. The shocking appearance on the NASDAQ screen displayed its strong ambition to go global and its practice of strategic goals.


MILEBAIYE drives the whole filed industry with innovative business ideas and flywheel effect.

MILEBAIYE can be said to be an epoch-making masterpiece in the current global economy faced with severe epidemic. Tailored to the current economic situation, adhering to the people-oriented and good-oriented concept and taking shouldering social responsibility, solving social problems, providing assistance in enterprise transformation and creating job opportunities as its own missions, MILEBAIYE has set off a reform to reshape the business ecology in China at a quick speed.


Since 2018, the founding team of MILEBAIYE has been engaged in tailor-made new business concept for the economic structure in 2020, which aims to promote the consumption of physical stores with inventory products, so as to propel the synchronous development of manufacturing and service industries. It is a comprehensive strategic plan consisting of MILEBAIYE, Mille Property, Mille Agriculture and Mille service, aiming to turn physical stores into sales channels for factories, and make the two generate mutual promotion force, thereby achieving a flywheel effect. Different from the traditional offline and online shopping model, MILEBAIYE innovatively created a brand-new business model that integrates manufacturer, e-commerce, physical store, Wechat business team and consumers to lead the global new retail trend, focusing more on exploring the social value of each consumer, and promote the development of physical store industry with inventory products.


MILEBAIYE leads the industry with seven international

MILEBAIYE is committed to helping the traditional service industry to increase sales volume, helping the traditional manufacturing industry to quickly reduce inventory, and helping the traditional marketing industry to realize upgrading and transformation. With the following seven unique international strategies, MILEBAIYE consolidated its leading position in the industry. The first is to promote the development of physical stores with inventory products; the second is to attract more traffic with the help of community fresh products; the third is to attract community consumers to the merchants settled in MILEBAIYE; the fourth is to transform catering providers settled in MILEBAIYE into national landmark agricultural product experience stores; the fifth is to start contract farming on the basis of huge data traffic; the sixth is to use pre-sale funds to initiate projects together with county-level units; the seventh is to share the idle resources, personnel and technology in the form of crowdsourcing so as to serve the society.

MILEBAIYE practices the national strategy, highlighting its maximized advantages.

In the face of the downturn of the global economy, MILEBAIYE adjusted its strategic layout to adapt to the current development trend, and maximize its advantages: (1) The new business concept of MILEBAIYE is in line with the internal circular economy policy of China, namely, destocking, and can promote the consumption in physical stores with inventory products, thereby promoting the synchronous development of manufacturing and service industries. (2) MILEBAIYE practices the economic strategy involving agriculture, rural areas and rural residents and focuses on agriculture and rural areas so as to avoid bottlenecks encountered in urban development. (3) Faced with growing cost of traffic, the major e-commerce enterprises tend to bind consumers in advance. So far, there has been no large-scale platform that binds consumers in advance in China, and MILEBAIYE is sure to change the future business ecological pattern. (4) More excitement from consumption can make consumers generate more sense of gain. There are catering, entertainment, tourism, beauty industry and other Mille franchisees as well as Mille fresh stores and mall, enabling consumers to get 1.5 to 2 times of the sense of gain with consumption of 100 yuan, which will greatly stimulate consumption. (5) Traditional e-commerce enterprises adopt a meager profit model, while MILE adopts an unprofitable model; Products on Taobao JD.COM and other shopping platforms are mainly for sales, while those on MILEBAIYE are mainly free as presents. Meituan mainly gives consumers discounts, while MILEBAIYE mainly gives consumers free gifts worth 50% to 100% of the products. With obvious market competitiveness and outstanding advantages, MILEBAIYE can be said to be a dark horse leading the times.


As a representative successful enterprise of the East, MILEBAIYE appeared on the NASDAQ screen, which is the "World's No. 1 Screen" with the largest and most influential screen in Times Square, New York, standing at the "crossroads of the world". The shocking appearance of MILEBAIYE displayed its strong ambition to go global, its business strategy of promoting the development of industry, property, agriculture and service industry with substantial economy, and its attempt to redefine the business ecology of the Internet era. In addition, the shocking appearance also reflected the strength and influence of MILEBAIYE, therefore, it is an important milestone for the company and will bring MILEBAIYE to the attention of people from all over the world.

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