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1. The infrared night vision distance is 100 meters; The target is clearly found at 1000 meters in the daytime.
2. Precision motor drive, sensitive response, stable operation, smooth operation without jitter at any speed Level: 0.1 °~60/s Vertical: 0.1 °~60 °/s; 360-degree rotation without dead angle.
3. Support 255 preset point setting calls and 8 cruise lines.
4. Built-in surge and lightning protection device to effectively prevent 4000V instantaneous current
5. Power supply: DC12V4A (DC)
6. Power: 20W

1. HiSilicon/Guoke HI3516 high-performance chip H.264 compression storage halved. Sony IMX307 Starlight Night Vision
2. Intelligent AI human shape detection, rapid enlargement and smooth tracking of people.
3. The world's advanced TUTK Internet of Things P2P server is adopted, and the link is fast, and the operation of zero delay point depends on which
4. Mobile APP is supported to easily demarcate alert areas
5. Support 4G wired connection mode, and flexible on-site installation
6. Support the recording of up to 256G SD card. Mobile APP playback of SD card is simple and efficient
7. Private protocol of Dahua Xiongmai NVR platform, one-click distribution of IP ad hoc network, preset point setting and call of PTZ control, etc
8. Two-way audio input and output (external speaker is required), area intrusion alarm call, call content, mobile APP customization
9. 20 times optical, 1000 meters in the daytime and 100-200 meters at night.
10. 2 K1 lasers to enhance+6 infrared long-night vision complements
11. 7-inch all-metal appearance, high protection level.

Since its establishment in 2003, Zhongyun Wangyan has been engaged in technical research and development and market services in the field of professional security technology prevention. As a mainstream manufacturer in China, Zhongyun Mesh is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and professional services.
The company brings together R&D technical elites, combined with years of market experience, to build a R&D technology platform. The company has core products with completely independent intellectual property rights and a number of advanced technologies. As a leading enterprise in the security industry, Zhongyun Neteye has always regarded technology research and development and independent innovation as the source of the company's development. With its strong research and innovation strength, the company has now Created: monitoring integrated management platform integrated machine, monitoring integrated management platform video recorder, monitoring video streaming media proxy server, central management server, storage server, GIS map server, time synchronization server, dynamic domain name resolution server, cloud storage server, digital matrix decoding Server, access control server, alarm server, data center server, monitoring integrated management AI analysis server and other back-end products and solutions.
At present, the high-quality products provided by Zhongyun Wangyan are widely used in government, public security, finance, justice, transportation, telecommunications, airports, ports, postal services, electricity, schools, hospitals and intelligent buildings.
The company upholds the concept of true work, honesty, and common development; it not only attaches importance to the development of the enterprise, but also the harmonious development of people and society; Zhongyun Neteye sincerely hopes that the world will be harmonious and the people will live and work in peace and contentment.

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