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Will my anime cos wig fall off?


 When you first started wearing wigs, would you worry if your wigs would come off in public? As long as your wig is suitable, it will not fall off! With the modern development of the wig structure, if the wig is properly worn, the possibility of falling off is very small. However, if you wear the wrong size, the chance of falling off increases.

How to measure a wig
Before buying a wig, you need to know the size of the anime cos wig. At this time you just need a soft tape measure. Generally, you can know the wig size you need by measuring the circumference from the neck to the hairline.Wigs come in three sizes: petite, normal, and large, with perimeter sizes in inches. If your head is 20 to 21.5 inches long, you need a small wig. 21.5 to 22.6 inches fits average size. Large wigs are suitable for head lengths from 22.5 to 23 inches. If you wear a wig of the wrong size, the chance of the wig falling out is high.

anime cos wig

How to prevent wigs from slipping
Even if you wear a proper anime cos wig, you will still have anxiety-the wig will fall off. If you are still worried that the wig will fall off and you feel that the included adjustable strap is not enough, you can choose to use a hair clip, you can fix the wig to the biological hair. Wig glue and tape are also good choices.

If you have little or no hair, hair clips and combs will not work properly. If this is the case and you want a safer fit, try using a liner or strap. Currently there are many styles of liners or straps on the market, most of which are high-grade velvet fabric on one side and non-slip silicone strips on the other. No matter what material it is, it can be used to fix wigs.You can also use a hair band, which slides over your head like a headband. The strap's comfortable pads relieve pressure on your head, relieve it, and protect your wig throughout the day. Not only that, you can also adjust with Velcro belt.

anime cos wig

Modern wigs have some staying power. Advances in wig construction have provided us with features such as adjustable straps and ears. If you wear the right size, the wig will not fall off. Of course, for extra protection, there are always other precautions you can take, including hairpins or wigs.



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