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‘Golden Autumn general attack’ launched by Jiangning for the investment breakthrough year


44 major projects signed and implemented, with a total investment of over 100 billion RMB,News (Correspondent Guo Zhifeng & Reporter Zhou Aiming) The 2020 Golden Autumn Economic and Trade Fair Nanjing, China kicked off on September 16. During the fair, 11 district-level special events were held in Jiangning, with an all-round introduction of the vital industrial momentum and excellent business ecology as the core district of innovation and reputation, model area of beauty and antiquity.  44 significant projects signed successively, a total investment of 113.62 billion RMB, which launched the ‘Jiangning general attack’ in the third quarter of the investment breakthrough year.

The Golden Autumn Economic and Trade Fair set up the stage, where Jiangning district has performed successfully. It is understood that among the 44 major projects with high quality reported to the system by Jiangning, 37 of which are domestically funded, with a total investment of 91.82 billion RMB. Besides, there were 7 foreign-funded projects with a total investment of 3.12 billion USD. A series of high-quality projects successively landed in Jiangning, with the total investment ranking the top among all the city’s districts.

During the Golden Autumn Economic and Trade Fair, Jiangning District has reached the consensus of ‘Jiangning agreement’ with a series of strategic investment partners in the face of the domestic cycle and the domestic and international double cycles. The district closely follows the industrial positioning of ‘3+3+3+1’, highlighting eight industrial chains including software and AI, biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing equipment, integrated circuit, smart grid, rail traffic, and intelligent green vehicle. With sincerity for cooperation, the district has organized and held 11 special events, all of which have made a brilliant scene. They are  2020 5G Industrial Ecology Summit Binjiang, Nanjing, 2020 Xinchuang Industrial Ecology Development Nanjing Summit, and Jiangning High-tech Zone Key Projects Signing Ceremony, SAP Intelligent Business Robot Innovation Conference, 2020 Kirin High-tech Park ‘Four New’ Investment Promotion Seminar, Jiangning Medicine Valley High-quality Development Strategy Seminar, 2020 Nanjing Airport Economy and Medical Health industry Introduction, 2020 Global New-energy Automobile Supply Chain Innovation Meeting, and High-level Forum, etc.

The golden autumn covenant is fruitful. Judging from the projects signed by Jiangning in recent years, it shows obvious characteristics including large volume, high level, and more and more focus on the industrial direction. This year, this advantage is more distinct. 2020 Xinchuang Industrial Ecology Development Nanjing Summit, with the theme of "lead by Xinchuang and win-win of ecology," focused on IT infrastructure, necessary software, application software, information security, and other industrial cores At the summit, communication and interaction were proceeding in the perspective of industrialization and pluralism. It also digs into cooperation opportunities with important institutions and enterprises in information technology innovation and application. At the summit, 12 projects with a total investment of over 10 billion RMB were signed and settled in Jiangning High-tech Zone, where 6 investment promotion sub-centers were launched simultaneously.

The 44 projects signed during the Golden Autumn Economic and Trade Fair follow the development direction of the modern industry in Jiangning. It involved high-end intelligent equipment, AI, new material research and development, airport economy, medical health, and other industries. It highly fits with five landmark industries, such as the green intelligent automobile industry and the smart grid industry, which Jiangning strives to build. The relevant person in charge of Jiangning district talked about the next step: the section will take full advantage of the fair, continue the "four new" action as the starting point, to do an excellent job in selecting and promoting the signed projects, along with deep promotion to show the science and technology policy environment, industrial agglomeration effect, ecological resource endowment in Jiangning. Moreover, the district will manage to make the Golden Autumn Economic and Trade Fair the innovation and development' booster' of Jiangning, contribute to Nanjing's high-quality development and new development pattern with the support of a stronger real economy.

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