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First entrepreneurial breakfast meeting held in Jiangning district


Stable and sustainable sailing in the new development pattern of ‘double cycle’

This year is determined as ‘enterprise service year’ by the municipal party committee and municipal government. On September 24, 2020, the special activity ‘enterprise-benefited breakfast meeting’ for key industrial enterprises was held in Jiangning district, where the party secretary of district committee, Li Shigui, had breakfast with the heads of the top-30-industrial-output companies in the district and discussed the path to develop and expand key enterprises in Jiangning, as well as to improve the quality and efficiency of industrial economy in the new development pattern. In addition, face-to-face communication and consultation were conducted to create conditions for enterprises to exploit their market and expand production capacity, which will promote high-quality regional economic development. District leaders Fan Xiangqian, Miao Xiumei, Yao Yanling, Cui Jisheng, Pang Zhigui, and Wan Zhenhua attended the activity.

The special breakfast meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. At the breakfast meeting, the simple and exquisite Jiangning cuisine with local flavor reflected the intention and enthusiasm of Jiangning to serve enterprises. After 26 entrepreneur representatives who were invited to attend the meeting had special breakfast, they had a face-to-face discussion with Li Shigui and other district leaders, also with heads of relevant departments, streets, and parks. Representatives of 10 key enterprises in the region including ZTE, Shanghai Volkswagen, Changan Mazda, NGCtransmission, NARI Group, etc. introduced the current developing situation of the enterprises, and exchanged ideas and plans for the development of the enterprises based on the new development pattern, capturing the opportunity of "post-epidemic". They also put forward relevant opinions and suggestions according to the needs of enterprises, to jointly help to make the real economy of Jiangning greater and stronger.

An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. The special breakfast meeting was spiritual about real work. In a relaxed atmosphere, district leaders and heads of relevant institutions in the district communicated with the entrepreneurs attending the meeting about the pain and difficult points faced by the development of enterprises, talked freely about how to seize the opportunities and promote the enterprise to become bigger and stronger in the new development pattern. With a warm atmosphere and pragmatic content, the breakfast meeting fully demonstrated the superior and considerate business environment of Jiangning, as well as the confidence and determination of government and enterprise to integrate into the double cycle and further develop and strengthen the real economy of the district.

Li Shigui, on behalf of the district committee and government, thanked the enterprises for their contributions to fighting COVID-19 and promoting development in the district. He said that this year is special, and both macro and micro trends have proved that as long as we accurately recognize changes, respond scientifically and actively seek changes, we will be able to foster new opportunities and make new progress during the crisis. We should take concrete action to strengthen our confidence towards the way ahead, promote both the development of enterprises and Jiangning to overtake.

Li Shigui pointed out that under the current international background, the central government and all the ministries have issued a lot of favorable policies to support scientific and technological innovation, and with the help of the whole country, they have taken the list of bottlenecks as a list of scientific research to tackle. Industrial enterprises in the district, especially the backbone enterprises, should be good at seizing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, persist in taking independent innovation as the lifeline of their development, dare to invest in talents and research and development, speed up the tackling of key technologies, and improve their product competitiveness and market share. In this respect, Jiangning has gathered a large number of scientific research platforms, which means the majority of industrial enterprises should be good at leveraging, relying on the innovation achievements of leading research and development institutions such as Zijinshan Laboratory, the use of the industrial Internet and other forward-looking operation modes, to promote the motivation, efficiency and quality change.

Li Shigui stressed that backbone enterprises are the ballast of the real economy. Key enterprises in the district should give full play to the exemplary and driving effect, take the lead in the implementation of relevant policies of the central government, province, city, and district, seize the commanding heights of development, and pioneer in the expansion of new markets, to make a good appearance, open new paths and broaden new horizons for all types of market entities in the district. The focus is supposed to be on the "six stability" and "six protection", and in accordance with the "four new" actions in Nanjing, industrial enterprises in Jiangning can be driven to sail stably and sustainably in the new development pattern with the domestic major cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promoting each other.

Li Shigui required that the demands of enterprises attending the breakfast meeting should be comprehensively sorted out and summarized into a list, the responsible institutions should be specified, solutions and settlement should both be completed within a time limit. Moreover, it is necessary to study the suggestions put forward by entrepreneurs for the development of the industrial economy in Jiangning and actively assimilate them into the ‘14th five-year’ plan.

It is reported that since this year, around the theme of speeding up to build a modern industrial system with the characteristic of Jiangning, helping Nanjing to be fully integrated into the new development pattern, the district has focused on the targeted extension of ‘innovation chain, enabled industrial chain to break through the structure. Besides, the district has been dedicated to strengthen, complement, and extend the chain, formulated Work Plan for Implementing the ‘Chain Length System’ of the Industrial Chain in Jiangning District and Work Plan for Promoting the High-quality Development of Industrial Chain, clearly specified to build 8 industrial chains such as software and AI, biological medicine, intelligent manufacturing equipment, integrated circuit, smart grid, rail transportation, green smart car, etc. In order to promote the high-quality development of the industrial chain, Jiangning district has comprehensively implemented thechain length system’ of the industrial chain. The district leader acts as the head of the chain, conduct monthly research and development and scheduling on the situation of the industrial chain development, coordinate to solve the important matters in the industrial chain development, and strive to form a work promotion mechanism of ‘one chain, one district leader, one special working team, and one person in charge of the team’, together to lay a high-level industrial foundation and modernized industrial chain. In the next step, Jiangning district will continue to focus on 8 industrial chains, break through the ‘bottleneck’ problem, expand supply chain channels, promote the deep integration of industrial chain, innovation chain, talent chain, and capital chain, and help to make the industry stronger and bigger.

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