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HUANG Binwu -- The Passeur and Innovator of Traditional Chinese Calligraphy, the Treasure of Traditional National Culture

XIONG Bingming, the French-Chinese artist and philosopher, once put that: "The core of Chinese culture is Chinese philosophy, while the essence of the core is calligraphy."


The 22nd China P&E is to be held Apr12-15 in Beijing

Since 1998, China P&E(International Photograph & Electrical Imaging Machinery and Technology Fair) has been successfully held for 21 sessions. Approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, the 22nd China P&E will be held in Beijing Exhibition Centre from April 12 to 15, 2019.


HP Indigo and Microsoft Xiaoice collaborate to enable creation of hyper-customized designs

Available on PrintOS Marketplace, customers can choose from thousands of unique PrintOS Mosaic seed patterns designed by AI for use in their campaigns or designs.


The tour of Chinese sanitary ware brand attracting global cooperation

Abstract: IMEX is a famous sanitary ware brand in China. IMEX is now inviting more partners to join hands together to offer brilliant service and products to Europe. Tangshang China.With 25 years of experience as a manufacturer, IMEX always focus on the sanitary ware industry and with precise and professional working spirit turn itself to be trusted “craftsman.”


WAVE ROBO ADVISER will create “master circle of friends” to open the social investment

​The founder of Meituan, Wang Xing, once said, if there is no smart phone and no mobile Internet, there will be no Meituan , and this is the same for WAVE ROBO ADVISER.


Press release for 2019 LMT LAB DAY

​HeyGears is a technically innovative company focused on 3D printing applications and digital intelligent manufacturing technology. The company was founded in Guangzhou 2015, by a talented group of young men from the School of Engineering of the U.S. Public Ivy UIUC. Since founded, HeyGears has been dedicated to providing the cutting edge digital dental solutions for dental labs in China and the U


Hotchkiss Pianists Dazzle Audience in Benefit Concert at Jiangsu Centre for the Performing Arts

On the evening of March 8, the gleaming new Concert Hall of Jiangsu Centre for the Performing Arts was filled to capacity. A unique public-benefit concert was underway as nearly a thousand piano students and their parents enjoyed the wonderful performance of two leading Brazilian American pianists in one of China’s most outstanding music venues.


First Anniversary of Agency of ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats

Celebrate the First Anniversary of the General Agency of ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats in China.Sub-headline: Fuzhou Blazer Trade Co., Ltd. has been the exclusive agent of ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats in China for one year. Fuzhou Blazer Trade Co., Ltd. has been the exclusive agent of ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats in China for one year. The celebration ceremony was held in Fuzhou by Fuzhou Blazer Trade


Jinan SG Making Strong Debut on NASDAQ Tower

NASDAQ Tower ——the first screen of the world Whilst US is the focus of the world and New York City is the focus of the US, Times Square is the most hustle and bustle hub of the city. With a minimum acreage accounting for a mere 0.1% of New York, Times Square contributes 11% of GDP and 10% of jobs to the city.


ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats: Most Popular Award

ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats: “Most Popular Award” in Chinese Seat Industry Sub-headline: China agent of ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats recently won “Most Popular Award” in Chinese seat industry in 2019. The topic of child safety seats seems far away from all of us and is close to us as well. Especially, those who own cars pay more attention to child safety seats.


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